Sino-US Enterprises Philadelphia Trade and Investment Cooperation and Exchange Luncheon


On August 10, 2016, the "China-US Enterprises Philadelphia Trade and Investment Cooperation and Exchange Luncheon" was grandly held at the Union League Club in Philadelphia. Zhang Qiyue, Consul General of China in New York, Mike Stack, Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, Xu Chen, President of General Chamber of Commerce and President of Bank of China USA, and Dennis M.Davin, Minister of Community and Economic Development of Pennsylvania attended the event. Ms. Jiang Guilan, chairman of the company, Mr. Hu Xinfu, general manager, and more than 100 Chinese and American business representatives and government officials from Philadelphia and New York participated in this event to discuss the development and opportunities of Sino-US economic and trade cooperation.

Consul General Zhang Qiyue briefly introduced China's current economic development and emphasized that the five development concepts of innovation, coordination, greenness, openness and sharing contained in the 13th Five-Year Plan provide more opportunities for future cooperation between China and the United States. China and the United States need to promote the healthy development of bilateral relations through wider and deeper communication and interaction. A stronger bilateral economic and trade relationship between China and the United States is not only beneficial to the two peoples, but also contributes to the stability and development of the world. At present, China's economic situation is still improving, with progress in stability. It is hoped that entrepreneurs from China and the United States can seize the opportunity and cooperate pragmatically to achieve a win-win situation.

Mike Stack, Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, pointed out that in the future, trade and investment between China and the United States will maintain a strong momentum of growth. Although there may be some frictions in the economic and trade fields between China and the United States, the two sides will find ways to achieve mutual benefit and win-win through consultation and cooperation. The intersection is conducive to the development of Sino-US bilateral relations. At the same time, he also mentioned the investment of American Fuling in Pennsylvania, hoping to attract more companies like Fuling Global, a plastic tableware manufacturer, to set up factories in Pennsylvania.

In recent years, Chinese enterprises' investment in the United States has grown rapidly, but they still face some obstacles, which requires the two sides to strengthen communication and mutual trust from the enterprise and other levels. The member companies of the General Chamber of Commerce shared their successful experiences and experiences in investing and operating in the United States at the luncheon, and had extensive exchanges and discussions with representatives of local companies in Philadelphia.