How to identify the pros and cons of disposable tableware and ensure a healthy diet


Office workers basically eat out one or two meals a day, or even three meals a day. When dining out, they all inevitably use disposable chopsticks. Many people know that disposable chopsticks are unsanitary, but the disposable chopsticks used by Mr. Wang, a citizen, when inviting friends to eat, have grown hairy.

"A few days ago, I invited two friends to dinner at a restaurant near Yong'an Township. Just after ordering and sitting down, the waiter brought three pairs of chopsticks. The chopsticks were wrapped in 'green tableware' packaging bags, but when the food came Later, when my friend and I unpacked the chopsticks, we were stunned. Half of the 30cm-long chopsticks were covered with green hair. The waiter threw the long-haired chopsticks into the trash can." Mr. Wang recalled the In the scene, he said angrily, "Why are the chopsticks clearly marked with 'green tableware' still hairy? The waiter in the restaurant didn't explain much about this, but just replaced them with two new pairs of chopsticks."

It is understood that the "Implementation Rules for Food Packaging Containers and Tools" promulgated by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine in 2006 clearly pointed out that the shelf life of the product should be marked on the small packaging unit of one-time xing supplies. The shelf life of sterilized disposable chopsticks is 4 months.

Later, the reporter saw in a shop in the urban area that wholesaled one-time xing supplies, there were all kinds of disposable chopsticks in the shop, and many chopsticks were exposed and tied with only a rubber band. According to the shop owner, it is so cheap that only 2 yuan for 100 pairs. Some are packaged in paper bags or plastic bags, which are generally 100 pairs of five or six yuan, but there is neither production date nor shelf life on the packaging bag. When asked about the shelf life of chopsticks, the owner introduced that once xing supplies do not have shelf life like food, they can be used at any time as long as they are not soiled, wet, or hairy.

During the interview, the reporter found that most citizens did not understand the shelf life of disposable chopsticks. "Use it when you break it apart. If there are more burrs or it turns black, you can change a pair. Anyway, there are chopsticks." A citizen said.

There are many problems with disposable tableware, and multiple hazards are hidden. Is it impossible to use disposable tableware? In this regard, the relevant departments suggest that consumers should strengthen their ability to identify counterfeit products, pay attention to the use of disposable tableware produced by regular manufacturers, and check whether the tableware has complete markings, whether the second touch strength is easy to crack, and the third smell is peculiar.