Seize the opportunity of disposable crystal tableware to win the future of the tableware market


Some things just can't wait. If you fight or gain a favorable position in the market, you have to charge, run and stride forward. -【India】Tagore

Whenever we taste the delicious crab, we often only care about its deliciousness, and we may rarely think of the person who eats crab. In fact, this unsung hero is very worthy of our praise and admiration. Because he dared to taste crabs, thousands of people later enjoyed the delicious taste of the world. In fact, doing things is also a truth. Often, when he chooses to do things that others have not done, he will be successful, so that later people follow him. Especially in shopping malls, seizing the opportunity is equivalent to seizing the market, seizing success, and seizing wealth. The reason why the successful person is successful is that he has already started to act when the people around him are still hesitating and wandering. Many facts have proved that in order to achieve success that others can't achieve, to achieve what others can't do, the first thing you should do is to seize the opportunity. Only in this way can we seize business opportunities. However, many people often have business ideas. Because the conditions are not mature, they are always wandering between doing and not doing. Those who are successful often choose to do it when they see it, thus laying the foundation for success.

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Once upon a time, there was a garlic businessman who learned that there was no garlic in far-flung Arabia. No doubt, not only have they never seen it, but they have probably never tasted the deliciousness of garlic. Businessmen feel that it is a potentially huge market, and if they can seize this business opportunity, they will definitely make a lot of money. So he took two bags of garlic, and after a long journey, he finally came to Arabia.

The fact is as he expected, the kind and warm Arab people have never seen such a strange thing in the world, and it can exude a different kind of deliciousness, especially when a little is added to the meal, the taste changes immediately. It is even more delicious, and it is difficult to make people lose their appetite. So the hospitable Arab entertained the merchant in a warm way, and gave him two bags of gold when he parted. The businessman returned home and told his neighbor, a man in the green onion business, the whole story. Those who do the green onion business are envious, thinking to themselves: since there is no garlic in Arabia, there must be no green onions, and the business of making a fortune is here. If I also go for a trip, I will definitely be able to make two big bags of gold and come back. So he decided to go to Arabia.

Naturally, the Arabs had never seen green onions. After tasting them, they found that the onions were more delicious than garlic, so they entertained the businessman more graciously. When parting, the Arabs tried their best, and they discussed that the merchant must not treat him lightly because he brought such a wonderful green onion to him. So they made up their minds to give him the garlic left by the merchant last time as a gift, because they felt that two bags of gold were far from expressing their gratitude to him.

Indeed, that's how things work: Get ahead and often get gold, and follow in the footsteps and get items that may be worthless to you. The above story satirizes those who do not understand the importance of seizing the opportunity. They will only follow behind others, and they will do what they see others do. .

In real life, we often have a lot of doubts, why do the same thing, some people make money, and some people lose money? First or last, how much impact will it have on success or failure?

Many facts have proved that wealth is not far away from us. Who can win these wealth before we know where it belongs? It lies in the word "first", only the first one can get it first, which is The law of acquiring wealth. Just like the gold diggers, those who came first became millionaires, while those who came later not only failed to find gold, but some even went without a return. Therefore, in the market, only those who seize the opportunity can be in the company of the successful ones.

Catering industry analysts pointed out that the market potential of my country's aviation crystal tableware is huge:

1. Aviation crystal tableware, as a new type of environmentally friendly and sanitary tableware, has a good alternative to disposable sterilized tableware. The country attaches more and more importance to tableware hygiene. With the loss of public trust in disposable sterilized tableware, the aviation crystal tableware industry has quickly become one of the industries with development prospects in this century due to its characteristics of low investment, low risk and high return;

Second, the support of national policies, the state supports the development of the environmental protection industry, especially the preferential tax support for the production enterprises of environmental protection tableware, which provides a strong driving force for the development of these aviation crystal tableware.

3. The market for sterilized tableware is full of chaos. The lack of monitoring has led to the flooding of the market with sterilized tableware in some small workshops, which seriously threatens the health of consumers. Disposable crystal tableware is made of PS material, which is non-toxic, tasteless and high temperature resistant. It can only be delivered to restaurants and restaurants after strict hygiene and quality inspection.